National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) Secretary Petr Poroshenko has said that Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko has proposed that the NSDC consider a bill determining criteria for inclusion of privatized companies on the list to be sold in repeat privatization tenders, M&C News reported.

Speaking during a late-evening interview on Inter TV on June 9, Poroshenko said, "Julia Vladymyrovna (Tymoshenko) proposed discussing this issue at a meeting of the NSDC since it represents a huge responsibility for the authorities to investors."

Asked how many companies were on the list, Poroshenko noted that the proposals presented by a working group were rejected by President Viktor Yushchenko. "If the proposals are not approved by the president, it means there is no list, that it requires substantial reworking," he said.

Poroshenko said that the main issue was not the number of enterprises on the list. "For investors all over the world it makes no difference whether it is 29, or 50 or 70," he said. "The key thing is that the criteria according to which companies are included on the list must be completely transparent and identical. There can be no exceptions. All (companies) that meet the list of criteria will definitely be on the list, but absolutely no other company should be included on it. Full stop."


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