There are two round-table discussions taking place in the government now. They are conducted by Ukrainian president, Viktor Yushchenko, the vice-premier of humanitarian issues, Nikolay Tomenko, and the minister of family, youth and sport issues, Yuri Pavlenko.

The main items of round-tadle discussion "Love and care for children" are following: the guardianship under orphans and homeless children, and religious ethics education in schools.

The president, Viktor Yushchenko, charged Ukrainian Ministry of Education with composing of special education faculty of the religious ethics. The deadline is September1.

"I mean God and faith in its common sence: all churhes' approaches will be taken into account," said Ukrainian president, "Interfax" reported.  

In the course of the discussion the president, Viktor Yushchenko, mentioned that the guardianship under orphans and homeless children has to be the prior item of the power and society. He pointed to the fact that relation towards such children was a kind of exam of humanity of nation, "Internet reporter" informed.

According to statistic researches, there are many than 100,000 orphans and homeless children in Ukraine. "The roots of homelessness are in the social problems. There are 40% of families having two children and 64% ones having three children living below the poverty line. Every year 6-7 thousands of parents debar from the parental rights. More than 2,000 mothers abandon their babies in maternity hospitals," said Viktor Yushchenko.  

The second round-table discussion is dedicated to children rights protection. It is called "The reformating  of the children rights protection system in Ukraine."

The president of Ukraine demanded to change the system of parental rights deprivation in Ukraine. The corresponding commission was given to the Cabinet.

He also pointed to the necessety of changes in the system of adoption. The number of adopted children reduced of 40% in the last ten years. "The problem is that our people have no reliance for the future. That is why the state must support them," added Yushchenko, "UNIAN" reported.

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