Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to form a commission charged with examination of gas reserves in Ukrainian underground storages, the chairman of "Naftogas Ukrainy," national oil and gas company, Alexey Ivchenko reported.

According to him, the commission will consist of the representatives of Cabinet and law machinery. He also admitted that the commission must examine the gas volume in the storages, owners of the gas and correct the gas balance for this year, UNIAN reported.

According to data from the head of "Naftogas Ukrainy", Ukrainian underground storages keep 7.6 milliard cubic meters of Russian gas. Ukrainian side considers whether to buy the gas or to return to Russian Federation. The president of "Naftogas" admitted that the first variant would be more winning for Ukraine.

"It is more convenient for Ukraine to pay the remainder. But it is necessary to agree about the price," pointed out Ivchenko.

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