Ukrainian minister of public health, Nikolay Polishchuk, cominig out in the parlamentarian hearings "The children rights protection," informed that the death rate is two times more than the death rate.

According to his words, the death rate accounts 16,1 dead per 1000 alive. The minister pointed to the fact that Ukrainian birth rate is the lowest than all over Europe – 1,1 child per a woman, "UNIAN" reported.

Maternal death was 13,8 cases per 100,000 born alive children. It is 2,5 times less than 10 years ago. The infant death constitutes of the half of all number of infantily mortality. The death from accidents and intoxication among the teens comstitutes of 66% of total number of this age category.

There are 1,6% of handicapped children in Ukraine. The number of disabling diseases raised in 1,5-3 times for the last ten years.

Near 40% of pregnant women suffer from anemia. 15% of all birth deliveries need cesarean oeration. 28% of neonates are appeared to be ill in lying-in hospital.

The indexes of physical and mental activity are very low, Polishchuk informs. The number of chronic diseases raise in 2,5 times during the school period.

Polishchuk pointed to the fact that Ukraine contains a very high ratio of doctors. 42 doctors per 10,000 men is the highest index all over the world.


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