Ukrainian minister of defense, Anatoly Gritsenko, is going to sell surplus property of his ministry through World Wide Web. He announced this fact during the negotiations with Ukrainian businessmen.

According to his words, there are lots of surplus property and materiel. He drew the example when every live unit accounts for three surpluses; "such units must be used in the interest of society," added the minister.

Gritsenko mentioned that there was register of surplus property created. "The register should be clear for everybody. It must consist of all kinds of property which were proved for sale by the state, and prices, of course. The tender will define the real value of each lot," he said.

In response to the question about the term of the tender, Gritsenko has said that there is the statutory procedure of it. The procedure is regulated by the act "About custom of goods and services for the state structures," "Tribuna" reported.

Gritsenko warned that there would be a black list of the structures which provide Ukrainian Armed Forces with low-quality production or conclude illegal deals.


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