The head of the building company "Farm," Alexander Kirilenko addressed the president of Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko, the prime minister Julia Timoshenko, the head of Security Service of Ukraine, Alexander Turchinov, and the minister of Internal Affairs, Yurij Lucenko, with the open letter in which he asks for help in preventing the possible attempt on his life, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

According to Kirilenko some of high-ranked officials threaten him, demanding 50% of property of his enterprises. He also admitted that officials of Security Service of Ukraine tried to take out a part of the production from warehouse of the enterprise. Kirilenko called police but it could not help it.

Kirilenko also admitted that his numerous appeals to law machinery did not have any effect. "Unfortunately, only the heads of the above mentioned structures have changed (SSU, MIA – ed.), but officials of the more low level continue their criminal activity," reads the appeal to the president.

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