Ukraine must buy 7.8 milliard cubic metres of gas from open joint-stock company "Gasprom." Gas was put in Ukrainian underground and was not returned to "Gasprom."

This question was discussed on the meeting of the president of "Gasprom," Alexey Miller, and the first deputy of the minister of fuel and energy of Ukraine, the president of National joint-stock company "Naftogas of Ukraine", Alexey Ivchenko.

At the beginning of autumn-winter season 2004-2005 Ukraine stored 7.8 milliard cubic metres of "Gasprom’s" gas. According to the balance it was planed to extract 3.5 milliard cubic metres. From October 13, 2004 to May 22, 2005 "Gasprom" placed 40 orders to extract its gas from Ukrainian storage for supplies due to export contracts, but none of the orders was complied with.

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