Today the state secretary of Ukraine Alexander Zinchenko came to Poland with one-day working visit.

The aim of the visit is to prepare the meeting of Consultative committee of the presidents of Poland and Ukraine, planed for June.

Zinchenko, the representative of the Ukrainian president in Consultative committee, will conduct the meeting with the state secretary of Poland, the chairman of National Security Bureau of Poland, Ezhi Bar. The question will be about polish military burial place on Lichakovsky cemetery in Lvov. The agenda includes also the questions of Ukrainian-Polish relations, economic cooperation, European Union and NATO integration, cooperation within the post-war reconstruction of Iraq.

Zinchenko and Bar will also discuss and prepare the opening of the Polish military memorial on Lichakovsky cemetery in Lvov with the assistance of the presidents of Ukraine and Poland, which is planed on the end of June.

It is planed that Zinchenko will meet with the president of Poland, Alexander Kvasnevsky, during his visit.

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