The parliament of Ukraine passed the draft "About changes of several acts of Ukraine." The draft is directed on the saving of reduced taxation and prevention of taxpayers from transition to the seamy side of economic sector, the deputy chief of the Committee for Finance and Bank Activity, Vitaly Khomutynnyk, reported.

The draft was applied by the deputies of Ukraine, K.Lyapina, V.Khomutynnyk and V.Musiyaka.

The draft cancelled the obligatory added-value tax for the single tax payers which have total sum of income to be more than 300,000UAH ($60,000). The act "About tax of private person income" was also cancelled by the draft. It means that the private entrepreneur providing services or undertaking works for more than one month does not have to pay 13% of his income (he was equal to hired worker) additionally to the single tax.  

The reduced system will be also apllied to the following kinds of activity: real estate, architecture, audit, legal assistance and pharmaceutics.

The draft will regulate the added-value tax for turist companies.

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