SAI Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs initiates free granting of checkup coupons to drivers, the chief of SAI Department, Sergey Kolomiets, stated.

According to his words, SAI will be able to withdraw such coupons in order to punish the infringers. We remind that the previous measure of punishment was the requisition of license plates. Since the requisition of license plates had been cancelled there was no measure which helped to stop the exploitation of infringers’ cars.

SAI will increase the fines for drivers breaching the rules of the road. The fine for speed excess and other violations will be about UAH 85-170 ($17-34). The authorities and officials of organizations will be punished by more strict sanctions.

Besides, SAI is going to provide the system of punishment for little fouls. There will not be any fine for the single foul, but if there will certain number of fouls in that case the driver must pass rules of the road exam. There will be also fines for driving in the state of intoxication, for accident and disobedience to policeman’s demands.

The parking is the special item for our country. The fines for that will be made especially tougher.

We remind that in February Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine prohibited to requisite the driver’s license, "Glavred" informed.

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