In today’s issue of "SN-Stolichnye Novosti" there is the information about the sensational journalistic investigation of the columnist "SN", Mikhail Biletskii. It has appeared that the famous dictaphone "Toshiba DMR-SX1", that is supposed to be the main proof of the existence of the so called "Melnichenko’s records", was bought in Japan … by some citizen from Ukraine, reported.

The microchip of this dictophone could have been produced not earlier than in 2001. And the records were kept during 1999-2000 (according to Melnichenko). This turns the whole case upside down, especially that part of it, which is deals with the films of Melnichenko. This can help the General Prosecutor to approach new ways of investigating this mysterious case.

Svyatoslav Piskun is sure that there are three reasons why the investigation of this case is moving so slowly. The first reason is a snag in the retrieval of the general Alexei Pukach, who choked the journalist according to the information of the General Procuracy. The second reason is the absence of the testimony of the former major from the state security, Nikolai Melnichenko. And at last the third reason is the absence of the results of the new expert report about the relics of "tarashchanskii body", at which now the international group of experts is working.

After having consulted the specialists from Japan, who produce the goods of the trade brand "Toshiba", it was managed to find out that the dictophone, mentioned in the laboratory report of the American company "Beck Teck", was bought by the individual in Japan in 1999. These facts really break down the theory, declared by Alexander Zhyr, the former member of the investigating committee that studied the case of Gongadze. he spoke about job lot purchase of the dictaphones of this model for the needs of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine).

As there was no purchase, then it is needed to look for the individual, who bought a rather hard-to-find and very full-featured dictophone in Japan.

Journalists of "SN-Stolichnye Novosti" tried to define the number of people (Ukrainians), who visited Japan starting from April 1, 1999 (the date of presentation of the dictophone "Toshiba DMR-SX1" on the Japanese market).

In 1999 the Ukrainians visited Japan not as frequently as they visited Europe; it was fixed up the number of the people, who had visited the land of rising sun very quickly. After the list is checked carefully, it will be published in the news-paper "Stolichnye Novosti".


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