Forecast grain yields in Ukraine are dropping considerably because of unfavourable weather conditions, Tetyana Adamenko, agriculture specialist from Ukrainian weather centre said to APK-Inform on Monday. She said more than 30 percent of Ukrainian territory was now affected by soil drought. These are major grain producing regions, such as Lugansk, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Kherson, a part of Donetsk Oblasts, steppe area of the Crimea and some localities in central oblasts.

As regards western regions, they were not affected by lengthy heat periods, but weather patterns in this part of country were not very comfortable for grain crops either (cold, rains, sharp temperature changes).

"For winter crop there is threat of productivity drops, because this period coincided with earing phase. This will obviously mean a drop in the yields. The situation is not a disaster, but the crop expectations now are not so bright as they were on the first ten days of May", Ms. Adamenko said to the reporter.
Situation with spring crops is still worse than that, she said. "Spring cereals are at the initial phase of development. The ploughing soil layer is almost dry. While winter crops have more developed root system, in spring ones it is just being formed."

However, she said, in the nearest time the weather is going to change and somewhat to improve. A significant drop in temperature is expected all over the country since June 1 to 2. Air temperatures will drop down to 14-19 degrees. Because of anticipated collision of very hot and cold air masses, the temperature drop will be combined with showers and thunderstorms. This should improve conditions of soil moisturising in the affected areas.

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