The specific gestures of the president of Ukraine draw attention of the specialists. "It should be mentioned that various gestures have different meaning in different conditions," said psychologist-consultant, Vladimir Kozitsky.

"When his thumb and index finger form "a certain pinch" it means "shortly," "closely." In other words, the president wants to be closer to his audience and the things he is speaking about are coming true soon. The same gesture is interpreted by Buddhists as the sign of deep concentration," said the psychologists.

What else is important in the interpretation of his gestures? He often counts mentally. For example, he uses word-constructions "firstly, secondly" and so on. It is expressed in gesticulation as fingers folding. It is quite naturally for his type of thinking, "Obkom" reported.

"But some gestures of the president are not quite clear, for example, when he gesticulates during the speaking his palms are often turned inwards, his fingers are directed upwards and folded. From the psychological point of view, it means huge plans and ambitions, and the personal responsibility of the speaker (the fingers are upwards). But at the same time it is possibly the gesture of diffidence and keeping something back (the palms are turned inward).


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