The Ministry of transport and communication held up the action of the edict for the next ten days, the minister of transport and communication, Evgeny Chervonenko reported.

Chervonenko also added that the ministry intends to conduct public discussion about the edict, "Obkom" reported.

Chervonenko pointed to the fact that the project of the edict were in the web-site of the ministry.

He mentioned that there was no harm in the edict. When signed it, he took into account the necessity for the web-recourses to be clear.

We remind that the vice-premier of humanitarian policy, Nikolay Tomenko, spoke in support of public discussion of the edict.

On May 18, Ministry of transportation and communication ratified the registration scheme of all kinds of web-media.

The web-recourses containing any prohibited information appealing to the revolution will not be registered in the National Register. The web-sites appealing to war, genocide, terrorism, violation of human rights, racism, and discrimination of all kind will not be registered as well.

The applications will be accepted by the administrator of the National register of web-recourses.

The owner of the web-resource will have to pay for state registration.

In case of violations, the registration will be prohibited.

On March 17, 2004, the Cabinet published regulation about the National Register of web-recourses signed by the premier of that time, Viktor Yanukovich.


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