Today American writer, Robert Sheckley, will be transported to the USA. The writer, escorted by his daughter, Ann, and two doctors of "Boris" clinic, will be delivered to Frankfurt and then to New York, "Segodnja" reported. Some seats of the plane will be removed, in order to make the plane suitable for ill writer transportation.

The ambulance of "Maunt-Sinai", the largest Jewish clinic in New York, will meet Sheckley in the airport. Sheckley’s family decided to transport the writer to the USA, the writer was agree with the decision.

The transportation became possible when big Ukrainian businessman had paid for it (4.400$) and for the treatment in "Boris" clinic (9.400$). Russian and Israeli fans transferred large sums of money to Sheckley’s bank account, Ukrainian account was given only 186.8$.

The experts of the Resuscitation Institute and the doctors of "Boris" clinic characterized Sheckley’s condition of health as stable one. So, the writer should not be suffered from the flight.


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