The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Boris Tarasuk, conducted the excursion of his ministry for journalists and revealed some secrets of his work.

In particular, Tarasuk informed about the wages of the ministry: the highest salary is equal to 709UAH (141.8$) and the lowest one - 243UAH (48.6$). According to his words, the salaries of his officials are the lowest one among the CIS ministries of foreign affairs. "Not to mention the other states," added the minister. He thinks that the reason of it is "the lack of the remuneration of labor system."

The second secret touched upon the discipline in the ministry. Tarasuk said that he does not obey prime minister’s decree about the term of ministerial working day; it has to start at 9 a.m. and to finish at 10p.m. "I start at 8 a.m. and finish at 12 p.m." said the minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine. "The whole day I have got meetings and conferences, so, I cannot manage to do paper work," replied the minister, explaining the reason of such disobedience to the journalists.


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