200 judges of different instances from 50 states came in Kiev to take part in XIII annual international conference.

The subject of the conference is the role of the judicial branch: its independence and its influence on the elections, "UNIAN" reported.

According to the words of the head of the conference, Frederic Fert, "there must be the leadership of the law and not the leadership of the single person in the democratic state. For the leadership of law to exist there should be the independent judicial power. And for the independent judicial power to exist there must be independent, well-educated and high-paid judges in the democratic state."

The following authorities will take part in the conference: the head of Supreme Court of Ukraine, Vasily Malyarenko; the head of Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, Dmitry Prityka; the head of Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Nikolay Selivon; the judge of Constitutional Court of Ukraine, professor of law, Mikhail Kostitsky. 

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