Ukrainian Internet-community and International organization on Ukrainian citizens’ rights appeared with a demand to abolish immediately the edict of Ministry of transport and communication about state registration of internet-resources.

The authors of the letter consider that the edict contains a row of unrealizable requirements and threatens liberty of speech.

We remind that the day before, the speaker of Department of communication and information, Petr Yatsuk, declared that the registration would be directed, first of all, to the state informational resources. Owners of the private ones will register voluntarily.  Experts of legal protection program and Mass-Media education came to the same conclusion.

However, one of the founders of Ukrainian Internet-community, Sergey Sukhobok, does not believe these statements. "Assurances of the officials concerning voluntary registration should be written out in the edict. As long as it is not done, officials will be able to interpret it as it is advantageous for them," considers Sukhobok.

In his opinion, officials introduce the state registration in order to levy additional payments on the owners of internet-resources and to control totally the activity of websites.

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