The head of Verkhovna Rada’s Committee for National Security and Defense, Georgy Kruchkov, reckons that Ukraine will entry into NATO before 2008.

"In 2007-2008 Ukraine will become a member of NATO," said Kruchkov coming out in the press-conference on Tuesday. He mentioned that the reason of Ukraine’s entrance into NATO is not the appropriate parameters of Ukrainian Armed Force, but it is the political necessity above all. According to his words, some programs, planed for December (intensification of negotiations about the entrance in particular) are only gaining a time now.

Kruchkov said that the entrance into NATO will make Ukraine to revise its strategy of partnership with Russia in the field of military-industry, "Tribuna" reported. Besides, the head of the Committee admitted that the president is quite right proposing a conducting of referendum according the entrance into NATO. It is necessary to inform citizens about  advantages and disadvantages of the entrance into NATO, said Kruchkov.


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