The action "To Europe by donkeys!" organized by youth movement "Generation to come for the Union!" took place in the down town of Simferopol. The action was dedicated to oil crisis in Ukraine, the head of the movement, Sergey Veselovsky, reported.

According to his words, if "the transparent power" goes on to force the situation between Russia and Ukraine, Ukrainian politic leaders will go to Europe by donkeys, cause of oil crisis.

Six members of "Generation to come for the Union!" and three donkeys took part in the action. Donkeys were borrowed from Kids’ Park zoo of Simferopol.

Donkeys were decorated with the following tablets: "Euro integration 'Simferopol-Brussels'." The participants decorated themselves with slogans "Show cold shoulder to Russia-use your car without petrol!", "Along with Russia we are in Europe-otherwise in the bottom!", "The caravan, for Lady Timoshenko!"

On the way of "Euro caravan" the activists shared the propaganda leaflets "The prose is against the romanticism". "The oil crisis is the only beginning. Collapse of hrivna and industry are coming soon…The dinner by the candlelight will not be the element of romance but the obvious fact of Ukrainian life," reported "New Region-Crimea."

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