On today’s press-conference the minister of public health care, Nickolay Polishchuk, declared that the people’s deputy Nestor Shufrich suffers no concussion of the brain, which he allegedly got, having tried to protect Ivan Rizak.

The minister underlined that he is a neurosurgeon, and the most of neurosurgeons of Ukraine are his pupils, and that is why the information is reliable.

"The only thing Shufrich suffers is cinsiquences of concussion of the brain, suffered before," said the minister.

We remind, the ex-chief of Trans Carpathian region, Ivan Rizak, was abducted off the hospital.

On May 20, 2005, at about 12 a.m., 15 policemen in masks bursted in upon Rizak’s ward where deputies Vladimir Voyush, Nestor Shufrich and Tamara Proshkuratova were presenting in that moment."

The press-cutting service reported that policemen "atrociously beat up the deputies of Ukraine, Proshkuratova including". They beat us atrociously by the blackjacks on the heads and legs." Shufrich was suffered of grave brain concussion.

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