The deputy of Vinnitsa city council, Sergey Shchetinin, made an attempt of self-immolation near the gate of regional state tax administration.

In such a way the deputy protested against the appointment of Vladimir Dets as a chairman of state tax administration in Vinnitsa region.

At 11:00 a.m. the chairman of state tax administration of Ukraine, Alexander Kireev, arrived to the building of the administration. Ten representatives of coordinating council "Vinnitsa People’s Strength" delivered him an appeal with the request not to appoint Vladimir Dets the head of regional tax administration. Kireev took the appeal and directed to the building.

At that moment the member of "Vinnitsa People’s Strength" council, Sergey Shchetinin, who was holding the five-litre jerrican, opened the jerrican and poured petrol over himself.

"Watch what will happen if you appoint Dets," said he, took a lighter and tried to burn himself.

The representatives of "Vinnitsa People’s Strength" interfered and took the lighter away.

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