The president of Ukraine has created the working group which will solve the problems of coal industry reformation. The minister of fuel and energy, Ivan Plachkov, will be the chief of the group .

The group consists of the head of the miners’ independent trade union, Mikhail Volynets; the deputy, Efim Zvyagilsky; the minister of justice, Roman Zvarych, the head of the antimonopoly committee, Alexey Kostusev; the adviser of the president of Ukraine, Vladimir Lanovy; the president of "Vugillya Ukrainy" national joint-stock company, Vladimir Novikov; the head of Department of State Affairs, Valentina Semenyuk; the minister of economy, Sergey Terekhin, the first deputy of minister of fuel and energy, Viktor Topolov and the head of the miners’ trade union, Viktor Turmanov.

The working group was created "to increase the efficiency of functioning and further development of coal industry of Ukraine; to make the schedule for 2005-2006 years in order to solve the problems of this brunch of industry, having in view the results of meeting, conducted by the president of Ukraine on May 19, 2005, concerning the coal industry development,"  reported "Ukrainskaya Pravda."

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