The criminal case was instituted against the teacher of Ukrainian working in Nesvatkovskaya school, in Kirovograd region.

He is accused of violation of equality of rights concerning the race, the nationality and religion, "UNIAN" reported.

The press secretary of Kirovograd region public prosecutor, Natalya Alekseenko, informed that during the lesson of Literature the teacher of Ukrainian, 48 years old expressed his tactless opinion about the national minority (Jews) in the presence of pupils.

Alekseenko reported that in response to the pupil’s question about who Jew is, he said: "Jews, boys and girls, are bad and impudent people. They sit in our school, grumble and only fill place. They have to be annihilated; there should be no place for them among people."

The press secretary added that the philologist had repeatedly called the teacher of Foreign Literature a "Yid."

According to Alekseenko’s words, the case is under the Office of Public Prosecutor control. The criminal case was instituted according to the article 161, part 1of Criminal Code of Ukraine.



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