Semi-final of the international song contest "Eurovision-2005" was held on Thursday evening in Kiev Sport Palace. According to the voting results 10 out of 25 participators came through for the final of the contest, that will be held on May,21: the representatives of Hungary, Romania, Norway, Moldova, Israel, Dane, Macedonia, Croatia, Switzerland and Lithuania, MIGnews. reported.

The first ten places are in the following order: "NOX" (Hungary) with their song "Spin the world", "Luminita Anghel & Sistem" (Romania) with their song "Let me try", "Wig Wam" (Norway) with the song "…Come on", "Zdob si Zdub" (Moldova) with a song"Boonika bate toba", Jacob Swaystroop (Denmark) with a song "Talking to you", Martin Voochich (Macedonia) with a song "Make my day", Shiri Maimon (Israel) with a song "The Silence that Remains", "Vanilla Ninja" (Switzerland) with a song "Cool Vibes", Boris feat Lado members. (Croatia) with a song "Wolves de alone", "Walter & Kazha" (Lithuania) with a song "The war is not over".

Besides, according to the rules of the contest, there will be the representatives of the first ten countries, that got in the final in Eurovision-2004: Malta, Turkey, Albania, Cyprus, Serbia and Montenegro, Sweden, Ukraine, Greece, Russia, Bosnia and Herzogovina and also the representatives of the so-called "Big Four": Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain. In the jubilee 50th contest of Eurovision there are a record number of the participating countries- 39.


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