The situation with the entry into WTO is in the crisis. It was said by the president of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, when opening the session of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC).

"We are seriously behind of schedule," said the president of Ukraine pointing to the fact that "'be behind' is gentle expression for the situation; we are failing to entry into WTO in this year."

Yushchenko also added that "20 drafts which are necessary for the entrance have not yet delivered to Verkhovna Rada, only four drafts are under examination (of the parliament)," "Novosti-Ukraine" reported.

The president of Ukraine proposed to create the specific structure within the government apparatus in order to provide the elaboration of drafts which are necessary for the entrance into WTO. Then they should be given to Verkhovna Rada for further adaptation. To his mind, euro integration vice-premier, Oleg Rybachuk, should be the head of the structure.

Yushchenko also mentioned that the structure "must exist not only up to the moment of entrance, but will work constantly after it is as well." The structure will also be empowered to collaborate with the other states and Commonwealth of Independent States.

Except the questions about WTO, Yushchenko proposed to discuss the question about creating of the Single Economic Area (SEA). He mentioned that these are two trends by which Ukraine realizes its strategic interests.


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