The Ukraine’s Head Viktor Yushchenko reached an agreement with the heads of the Russian oil companies who operate in Ukraine on the formation of petrol prices by market means without administrative intervention, reported.
According to the Head of Board of National joint stock company "Neftegaz Ukrainy" Alexey Ivchenko, the president got involved in the situation on the oil products’ market and objected the administrative pressure, Ukrainski Novyny inform.

He referred to the signed decree by the president "On the measures on stabilization of situation on the oil and oil products’ market", having said that by the very decree the president had set priorities and determined market conditions for operation in this field.

The president’s assistant, Alexander Tretiakov, announced the following prices on the domestic market: diesel fuel and petrol А-76 - 2.85 UAH/litter, А-92 - 3.00 UAH/litter, А-95 - 3.2 UAH/litter. According to his foresight, such prices will vary in either direction with the 2-3% dynamics.

In turn, the Vice-president of "Lukoil" company, Nikolaj Chernyi, stated that the petrol price might fall after the peak over the sowing campaign.

Besides, Mr. Tretiakov denied that the increase of oil products’ prices might have resulted from the collusion between companies that operate on the Ukrainian market. He explained that these companies make business and work for self enrichment.

However, Ivchenko said that there was not any political background within the oil crisis. "What has happened on the oil market was absolutely groundlessly transferred to the political level," he said.

The "Neftegaz" head also described the occurring situation as a result of the mistakes made by both parties, in particular, erroneous calculations by the Cabinet of Ministers of limited prices on oil products, when the cost of А-95 and А-76 was virtually identical, which consequently led to the sharp increase in demand for А-95, speculations, and finally, the deficit of А-95.

On the Russian part, Ivchenko mentioned the stoppage of oil refineries due to repair works. "We have altogether played the wrong card," he said.

Besides, Ivchenko pointed out that the vertically integrated oil company will have been established by the harvesting campaign, which will operate on market and by means of interventions will be able to prevent sharp rise in prices. In his view, this company will hold 30-40% of the market.

At the meeting Mr. Yushchenko also enquired oil companies to increase the rates of oil refinery at the domestic plants in order to export oil products. "The president set the task to refine much more oil in Ukraine at the account of reconstruction, as well as at the account of reconstruction of oil refineries so as to sell oil on external markets," Mr. Ivchenko said. He pointed out that the Russian counterparts agreed upon such condition and expressed hope that after the meeting the domestic market would not face crises any more.


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