The Minister of Transport and Communication of Ukraine, Evgeny Chervonenko, said that his ministry would lose 700 million UAH as the result of the amendment to act about oil products export.

"I am a bit worry of one fact. We are checking the data, but the Ministry of Transport and Communications in the person of Avtodor are loosing 700 million UAH for the road building," said the minister speaking in the press-conference on Thursday.

He informed that it has been already reported to the government. He also mentioned the necessity to overcome the oil crisis, "Interfax-Ukraine" reported.

According to his words, 30,000 t of fuel were reserved in Kazakhstan for the needs of the rail transport. On May 20, the head of Kazakhstan railway will come to Kiev and negotiate on the subject.

We reminded, the act cancelled the tariff-rate on the high-octane petrol and diesel oil was passed by the president of Ukraine.

In the response to the questions, Chervonenko said that his ministry will help to raise the oil and its products out of water. "The Ministry of Transport and Communications is ready to raise any amount of up to 2,000,000. We have got the movable train and we will fulfill our commintments."   


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