The opposition will piquet the Palace of Sport , where the international song contest "Eurovision-2005" is going to start today. This action will be conducted in order to draw the international attention to "the political repressions" in Ukraine. It was informed by the head of the Party of Regions, Viktor Yanukovich, who was speaking at the meeting at the Verkhovna Rada walls.

According to his words, 18,000 cases of dismissals were recorded in Ukraine. Dismissal was cause by political views different from ones of the new power.

He appealed to the picketers to stand up for the release of the head of Donetsk Regional Council, Boris Kolesnikov, and the ex-head of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, Ivan Rizak, from custody.

Besides, Yanukovich mentioned that the present power had divided people "into the friends and the strangers," "into ours an theirs." According to his words, the opposition will not permit such split in the society.         


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