The president of Ukraine blamed the Cabinet for the oil market crisis in Ukraine. It was read in the decree "About the measures stabilizing the oil market crisis" locating in the president web site.

"The crisis happened as the result of the mistaken actions of the government touching upon the price formation and the excessive oil market managing," statement says.

In the judgment of the president of Ukraine, the administration sanctions were no good for the price formation of the oil market, "it does not meet the requirements of the market economy." He drew attention to the fact of "the inadmissibility of such sanctions in the future and the personal responsibility (of the government) for the stabilization of the oil market functioning."

Yushchenko charged the ministry with "providing the stability and invariability of the principles of the realization of the financial, price, taxation and custom policies in the field of oil and gas operations and also including the transit these products through the Ukrainian territory."

The Ministry of Economy is charged to cancel all of his acts concerning the managing of the price formation in the oil market in the week period.

Besides, the ministry has to take into account that the oil-refining companies informed the president about the intention "to leave the reduced price formation on the social oil products unaltered and to provide the same action according to the diesel oil for the agricultural companies," informed "Obkom."

The ministry has to develop the appropriate mechanisms formatting the diesel oil price for the time of the farm works.     


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