The Office of Public Prosecutor of Kiev instituted the case according to the article 191, part 5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (the very large peculation).The subject of peculation is the natural gas of "Ukrnafta" public corporation. It happened as the consequence of the prevarication from the side of "Ukrtransgaz" subsidiary officials, the Office of Public Prosecutor press-cutting service informed.

557,725,697 billion cubic meters of natural gas mined by "Ukrnafta" public corporation were put into the underground storage of "Ukrtransgaz" subsidiary. The cause of it was the agreement about the storage of the natural gas between "Ukrnafta" public corporation and "Ukrtransgaz" subsidiary of "Naftogaz Ukraine" national joint-stock company, "UNIAN" reported.

The officials of "Ukrtransgaz" subsidiary peculated 400 billions cubic meters of natural gas in March, 2005. Besides, they perfectly knew the real owner of the natural gas. The peculation happened in the immediate underground storage.

The press-cutting service also informed that the investigation of this case is still continuing.

"Ukrnafta" pubic corporation is the biggest Ukrainian oil producing company. It produces 75% of oil and gas from the total volume of production in Ukraine.

"Naftogaz Ukraine" national joint-stock company has 50%+1 of "Ukrnafta" public corporation stocks, the rest 41% of the stocks are controlled by "Privatbank" group.

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