The president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko has suggested compromise concerning the regulation of current situation on the domestic oil market. According to him, there is a possibility to reach agreement with Russia in case Ukraine makes its position concerning price formation "more clear." With this purpose, the meeting is to be held on Thursday, including all the interested sides, reported.

"I am certain that there is a possibility to agree with the Russian counterparts if Ukraine makes its position more foreseeable, expectable, and clear in such a delicate issue as price formation," Yushchenko underlined on the board of the plane while returning from Warsaw.

The head of state stressed that the way how the Ukrainian team had managed the issue of the price formation desired to be much better. "I would like to invite Russian entrepreneurs who deal with the supply of raw oil, oil products, as well as the managers of oil refineries, including the representatives of private plants, to get down to business from the very beginning," emphasized Yushchenko.

He pointed out that "the both sides took measures that harmed mutual reputation, as well as the organization of an appropriate market... Although, today we have already witnessed the history of the very problem, and thus I would like to devote our meeting to the handling of these issues," said the president.

"The Russian side promised to represent its standpoint which would help to solve the very conflict," said Yushchenko and emphasized that the key goal to be reached by the Ukraine’s government now is "to provide quick solution for optimization of the situation on the domestic oil products’ market."


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