The banks robbery becomes more frequent. This fact worries the National Bank of Ukraine. It recons, that the causes of robberies are irregularity of statutory acts regulating the property protection, material values protection and organization of currency transportation.

"The national bank of Ukraine is alarmed by the situation existing at the latest time as a result of armed attacks on the bank branches and the bank collectors especially before the end of work, weekends and holidays. The object of such attacks is to take possession of money," as it said the National Bank telegram.

The National Bank made the banks to provide the observance of safety rules relating to depositories, in order not to exceed the set limits of the deposit storage.

The National Bank recommended reducing the quantity of cash resource in the cash-register, reinforcing the arm guard of the bank branches, opportunely collecting values and increasing the quality of personnel selection, "Media group 'Objektiv" reported.

The National Bank charged the territorial sections with the selective control for the purpose of execution of the National Bank recommendations. These steps will be in the framework of the scheduled inspection.

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