The Ukrainian car-drivers have been in panic for several days. Those, who cannot manage without a vehicle, should put up with huge lines at filling stations in order to fill up with petrol. Many car-drivers are certain that either today or tomorrow Ukraine is due to be left without petrol. The government considers that the main cause of it is the cessation of oil deliveries from Russia, reported.

The government’s head Julia Timoshenko has blamed Russian Federation for having blocked the delivery of oil products within last 5 days, however, all the contracts have been already paid by Ukraine. "Russia makes us to find untraditional solutions", the premier stated.

Nonetheless, the oil companies have an excuse: according to them, the deficit became the cause of the decrease of oil refinery in April due to the stoppage of Lisichansky and Khersonsky oil refineries in connection with scheduled repairs.

Cabinet of Ministers has increased the limit retail prices for fuel and offered to develop the formula for the calculation of prices for oil products subject to the world prices for oil. However, this decision appeared to be out-of-date as many filling stations have ceased to sell particular brands of fuel, and above all the most popular ones A-92 and А-95. Many filling stations hold sales upon cashless settlement, while others do not sell petrol at all.

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