The government intends to present budget resolution 2006 along with the objects of budgetary policy 2007-2010, said the Minister for Finance, Viktor Pynzenyk speaking in public on the conference "The Improvement of Economic Sphere in Ukraine: the lessons of Central European reforms."

According to Pynzenyk`s words, in the future the government will provide policy of provision of pensions by only the Pension Fund of Ukraine. He also informed against the problem of the present pension system, which was inherited by his Cabinet.

He pointed to the fact that the payments of the Pension Fund formed 19% of the gross domestic product in the time of the former government. Nowadays this index equals to 16%. Although, Pynzenyk mentioned, the acceptable index is even 10% of the gross domestic product.

Also Minister for Finance reported that the deficit of state budget forms now 1,7% of the gross domestic product, but 3 months ago it numbered 10%.  


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