During his speech on the 3rd Summit of EC - Council heads of state and government the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko expressed a hope that the continent would avoid the formation of "two Europes."

"I believe we will avoid the formation of two Europes, together we will not allow new division of our continent," admitted Yushchenko.

The president underlined that Ukraine sees its future in united Europe, and the only way to it is application of European social, economic and political standards to Ukraine.

"Eurointegration gives new chances for education, cultural exchange, informational access, success in scientific researches." At the same time he pointed out importance of free travel round Europe for Ukrainian citizens.

In his speech Yushchenko admitted that millions of Ukrainians associate Council of Europe with democracy, and citizens of Ukraine are close to the aims, proclaimed by Council of Europe.

The president of Ukraine thanked the representatives of Council of Europe, especially Parliamentary Assembly, for its support of the holding of honest election in Ukraine in 2004.

Yushchenko declared that "orange revolution" and actions of Ukrainians during revolution proved the fact that "common European values of liberty and dignity live in heart of the Ukrainian people."

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