On May 12-13 bilateral Ukrainian-Russian negotiations on consular questions took place in Moscow.

Ukrainian delegation was headed by the chairman of Consular Service Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Nickolay Tochitsky; Russian side was represented by the director of Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Vyacheslav Pavlovsky.

As a result of consultations the draft of Agreement about order of crossing of the Ukrainian-Russian border by citizens of the border regions has been approved between Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the government of Russian Federation.

The sides also signed the draft of Agreement between Cabinet of Ukraine and the government of Russia about returning, receiving and transit of persons who illegally stay on the territory of Ukraine and Russian Federation.

Besides, it was discussed the questions concerning Agreement about visa free travel for citizens of Ukraine and Russia, the draft of Agreement about reductive order of receiving the citizenship by citizens of the both countries.

It was also agreed about terms of conducting consultations at expert level concerning agreement about labor activity, social service and provision of pensions, and also establishment of consulate general of Ukraine in Vladivostok.

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