On the 5th of May the Ministry of Justice registered earlier rejected resolution of National Bank as regards fixing of limiting amount for payments in cash. As from now all the purchases in the amount of 10 thousand hryvnias and higher must be carried out in cashless settlement form. The innovation applies to everybody without an exception, KID reported.

"The limitation will apply to either enterprises or average people. It aimed, first of all, at legalization of funds which are to be transferred to the Bank from now, regardless of whether it is an ordinary current account or card account. Bank transfers for inexpensive purchases are not fraught with consequences, but earnings amounting 50 thousand UAH will be controlled by a financial intelligence service - State Finance Monitoring. The organ receives corresponding information from banks and may initiate an investigation regarding people’s source of money for expensive purchases," - said representatives of National Bank .

Besides, the innovation will do good to financial institutions that will get additional receipts. It is said that, probably, the innovation will be the most advantageous for banks dealing with card business. Compulsory turn of expensive purchases into cashless basis will lead to significant grow of emissions of plastic cards and circulation of funds on cards.

"Of course we believe that the document will positively influence upon the dynamics of card business. Last year VISA cards trade turnover was increased by 40,5% and made more than 160 million USD. In 2005 we hope to see higher level of growing," - said Sergey Ravnyago, the head of representative office of VISA International in Ukraine.

Specialists think that the new requirement will apply to, first of all, market of immovable property and cars: none cheapest flat (24 ths. USD) in Kiev, none cheapest car (3 ths. USD) can meet requirements of National Bank (10 ths. UAH). Quantity of transactions regarding purchase of the above goods goes on growing. In particular, as the Ministry of Justice informed, 108 thousand purchases of immovable property on average per month were registered in 2004. As car market experts estimate, average monthly quantity of sold new cars makes 15,3 thousand cars.


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