Boris Berezovsky’s villa, which is situated on the azure shore of France, fell under the search in connection with the investigation of the money-laundering case.

The agency of France Press informed about this with a reference to the information sources in the law machinery, reported.

According to Berezovsky, on Wednesday morning about twenty officials rushed to his estate "Shato de La Garoup", which is situated in the neighborhood with Antibom.

Search warrant, which they produced, was signed up by the judge from Marrseilles.But at the time of the police operation, Berezovsky was absent, informs RIA Novosty.

It is also said that the search was conducted in connection with the investigation of the department of the struggle with great financial criminality, but it wasn’t specified what the former Russian oligarch was suspected of.

The  estate  "Shato de La Garoup"  and  the adjoining villa  "Cloche de La  Garoup", bought by Berezovsky  in  1997  through  the foreign companies, cost  22 millions EUR. Since autumn, 2001 Berezovsky has been living in Great Britain, where he received a political asylum in September, 2003.


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