"World negative image of Donetsk does not correspond with reality," stated Geoffrey Hirshberg the president of US Foreign broadcasting during his speech in front of students of Donetsk National University, DVC reported.

In his turn, Thomas Dyne, the President of "Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty" Corporation, noted that "Donetsk’s reputation is not very good". As Dyne said, "world noticed Donetsk only in November-December. People heard about corruption, anti-western disposition".

Besides, as Dyne said, negative image of Donetsk is redoubled by accident rate at Donetsk’s mines. "This, of course, does not make a good reputation for the region, but people hear bad news from Donetsk," he said.

Rinat Akhmetov, the president of Football Club "Shakhtyor", promised to render assistance in expansion of possibilities for broadcasting of "Radio Liberty" in Donetsk region.

He declared the intention on the 3rd of May at reception, given in honor of Joan Dyne, wife of Thomas Dyne. That day she celebrated her birthday.

The reception was held in Donetsk, in Donbass Palace hotel. Vladimir Shevchenko, the head of Donetsk National University, and Yuriy Grimchak, the deputy head of regional state administration also took part in the reception.

Rinat Akhmetov refuted rumors about sale of his assets and stated that recent foreign business trip was related to the expansion of his business.

He expressed an intention of making Donetsk more open for foreign guests and he promised to promote this in every way.

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