Yesterday, on April 28, the head of innovation policy Department of Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Igor Margolich, was found dead with a bullet wound in the head in his apartment. Investigators can not counsel whether it was suicide or murder.

According to data from a source in General Office of Public Prosecutor, the death of Igor Margolich is connected with his finances.

Investigators examine the financing activity of the company, the owner of which was Igor Margolich. In particular, according to data from leading Ukrainian financiers, the dead got a loan – 24 million UAH – in "Ukrainian Credit Bank". For a long time he was trying to re-borrow money for credit repayment. Investigators are ascertaining whether Margolich has managed to do this.

In financial circles Igor Margolich was known as one of founders of "Ukrainian Innovation Company". He founded it along with Vladimir Rizhov, the agent of the vice-prime minister of Ukraine Anatoly Kinakh.


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