Marches of supporters of marijuana legalization - "Million Marijuana March" – will take place on May 7 in 200 large cities of the world. The action is also planned in Kiev, the newspaper "Segodnya" writes.

According to Sergey Sokolenko, the member of civil initiatives association "Objective reality", the march in Kiev will be organized not only in support of marijuana legalization, but also for realization of private liberties. The action will be named "March of liberty". On the eve o the action the organization "Objective reality" prepares three-coloured flags and kerchiefs (red-yellow-green – the colours of fighters for marijuana legalization), leaflets with demand to abolish criminal responsibility for growing and use of marijuana.

According to the article 39 of Constitution of Ukraine the organizers of any action must inform the authorities about route, time, place of performing, slogans and aim of the action, contact phone of a person in charge.

As "Segodnya" informs, the Kiev state city administration did not get any application about the action, and, consequently, the law machinery, which is obliged to guarantee public order, was not informed also.

In any case, police officials recommend strongly not to use drugs and not to keep them to oneself.

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