On the today’s meeting of Cabinet the president of Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko, charged the government with turning Ukraine into energy independent country for three years.

"This is not only a question of energy independence of the State, but independence of National economics as a whole", - Yushchenko stressed, DVC reported.

"This is a main strategic task for the following three years", - the president said and noted that the task is set for the prime minister and the minister of energy. They are also to form gas balance, oil balance and energy balance of the State.

Commenting the presidential statement, Yurij Gorobets, the member of parliamentary committee charged with fuel and energy complex, the people’s deputy of Ukraine and the member of the faction "“Nasha Ukraina" (Our Ukraine), has declared that Victor Yushchenko will go down in history, if he manages to turn Ukraine into energy independent country for three years. "Even if he breaks the terms, God grant he will manage to realize all his plans," said Gorobets.


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