The ex-president of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma, nearly did not use the aircraft "Aerobus", leased for him. However this aircraft was used by then head of State Affairs Department Igor Bakay, declared the present head of the Department, Igor Tarasuk.

"We paid three million dollars of advance letter of credit. There is a service – if an aircraft is made longer than three years, they lease an aircraft of the same type to us, and we pay all payments and use it. Now we received the bill - 900 thousand euros, but that aircraft was not our property," said Tarasuk.

He also reported that the aircraft has been returned to France and that there is a possibility to break off the contract with "Aerobus". "There was no presidential instruction for operation of that aircraft. It was Bakay who gave such instruction, and we have right to appeal to Court. As I understand, neither the former president, nor the present one used the aircraft. Bakay and his company operated it, but they want to present the bill to us," added Tarasuk.

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