The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko declared that National Bank and Cabinet increase too abruptly the exchange-value of the hryvnia.

"I disapprove of any shock change of money value, as it undermines authority of its stability, formed during a number of years," declared the head of the country in an interview to "Ukraina moloda" (Young Ukraine).

Victor Yushchenko considers that Ukrainian producer suffers most of all in such situation. In his opinion this question can not be solved in one day. Yushchenko said he approves the policy of Cabinet and National Bank, but he considers that this question should have been discussed and made agree.

The president considers that it is necessary to develop a conception of increase in the exchange-value of the hryvnia for several years forward to prevent exporters and those, who keep their savings in dollars, from bankruptcy.

National bank considers the increase in the exchange-value of the hryvnia marketable and is going to continue increasing.

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