Julia Timoshenko, the prime minister of Ukraine, assumes holding of two posts: the prime minister and the vice premier for fuel and energy complex. She made the statement at the press conference, "DVC" reported.

She said she is satisfied with decision of the court that invalidated her dismissal from the post of Vice Prime Minister on January of the 2001.

"And taking into consideration the fact that we do no have a Vice Premier for fuel and energy complex today, I can hold these two posts", - she said.

"Now I have got an additional stimulus to bring to life "Ugol Ukrainy" (Coal of Ukraine) program. I think that coming back of justice brings additional forces to work", - she said.

At the press conference the prime minister of Ukraine also informed that the crisis of oil-products realization by retail in Ukraine has been completed. Timoshenko reported that she personally visited the filling stations in Kiev and the capital’s suburbs. She underlined that virtually all filling stations set the prices which were declared by the Ministry of Economy. "Today, we may talk about price stability in retail trade of the oil-products and, believe me, this does not reduce the profitability and does not violate economic stability of oil-gas companies ", she pointed out, MIGnews.com.ua reported.

The prime minister has also informed that the negotiations with the directorship and owners of "Tumen Oil Company" and "Lukoil" were held with difficulties, though ended constructively. "We reached the compromise that we would work without monopolistic constituents, and that we would honestly work on market without price increase just to gain over-profits", - she mentioned.


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