The chairman of Donetsk region council Boris Kolesnikov made a statement in which he declared about misconduct of investigating authority and expressed the intention to apply for replacement of the investigative group.

According to Elena Bondarenko, the press-secretary of Kolesnikov, it is said in the statement:

"Investigating authority has flouted at me since the day of detaining. From April 6 to 8 the advocate was kept out, and I could not prepare to the trial. After a court of first instance the advocate was not allowed again.

On April 12 all charges broke up, and from April 12 to 18 no investigation was being conducted, but the advocate was kept out anyway.

In this connection I am forced to appeal to General Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to change the restraint to give possibility of advocacy. I am kept in prison in full isolation, and the investigative group "knocks out" testimonies at any price.

I am confident of my innocence and can vindicate the honest image of the local authorities of Donbass."

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