"Eurocar" enterprise had a successful activity on the territory of special economical zone "Transcarpathian" during the last years. Now it is forced to suspend the construction of second line of car factory. The reason is the cancellation of such zones and, as a result, of all the earlier declared privileges, "DVC" reported.

The construction of the second line of the factory for assembling of Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi cars was started three months ago. Its estimated output makes 145 thousand cars per year. It was expected that 2 thousand residents of Transcarpathian region would get fixed up in a new job on October and 4 thousand more would get fixed up in a job related to the production of spare parts in future. But all the operations are suspended due to the cancellation of customs and tax privileges. Nobody can predict whether operations will be renewed.

Vladimir Panov, the Deputy General Director of "Eurocar" explains that all the technical and economical calculations were carried out during favorable tax climate that was guaranteed by the State till the year 2030. Now the guarantees are cancelled, even without a period of transition. About 30 investors, who had their business on the territory of "Transcarpathian", met the problem. They invested hundreds millions USD into their projects and 20 thousand residents of Transcarpathian region were granted with a job.


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