During the press-conference in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the people’s deputy Alexander Volkov and journalist Vasyly Tugluk addressed journalist with the statement that the murder of Georgy Gongadze was advantageous rather to Russia and Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united) than to Kuchma.

According to Tugluk, he made such conclusion after his personal journalistic investigation, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

According to Tugluk, on the basis of all materials concerning Gongadze’s case he came to the conclusion that Gongadze’s did not have time to vex Kuchma so much to force him to take extraordinary measures.

Also Tugluk underlined that if Kuchma and his subordinates liquidated Gongadze, they would have done the same with other scandal writing journalists.

Volkov and Tugluk admitted that they do not accuse anybody of this crime, but just point out an interested party.

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