The Main Department of Security Service of Ukraine charged with fight with corruption and organized crime exposed the criminal group of government officials of Minister of Health of Ukraine, who were engaged in illegal impressments of bone tissues from the dead donors.

During several months the criminals were gathering samples of conjunctive and bone tissues without permission of relatives of the dead. The tissues were exported abroad as goods made on commission for producing implants of the type “tutogen”, which is widely used in traumatic surgery and has a high market price.

According to the article 16 of Law of Ukraine "About transplantation of organs or other anatomic human materials", impressments of anatomic constitutions, tissues, their components and samples from the dead donor is possible by approbation of husband or wife, relatives, who lived with the dead till the death. Besides, impressments of anatomic human materials should not cause disfigurement of a body.

Kiev prosecution brought a criminal action according to the article 143, part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of statutory order of transplantation of organs or tissues).

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